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All-TAM Transcription Services


Contact Information

Charlene Clayborne
PO Box 351744
Palm Coast, Florida 32135
Phone: 386-503-3069

Job Information

Title: Transcriptionist
Experience Level: 3 years of experience.
Location of position: United States: Nationwide position
At Home or Company: At Home
Part-time or fulltime:
Part Time
Employee Type:
Independent Contractor
Type of Transcription:
Clinic Transcription
Job Description: 2 RADIOLOGY TRANSCRIPTIONISTS needed IMMEDIATELY. AT HOME, PRN subcontractor position needed for multiple-clinic radiology account. 1 needed to provide early coverage; one to provide late-day coverage. MUST HAVE radiology experience, knowledge of MS word, and good communication skills. MUST BE FLEXIBLE. Client sends some work in the a.m. with the heaviest of the work load being between 3 and 8 p.m. (EST). MUST BE AVAILABLE TO COVER SOME WEEKENDS AS WELL. Software requirements are Windows 7 (preferred) and above and MS OFFICE 2003! Serious inquiries only please. NO PHONE CALLS. Please email resume'/CV as a separate attachment. ANY EMAILS WITH A RESUME/CV THAT IS CUT AND PASTED INTO THE EMAIL WILL BE DELETED!!
Hardware/Software: Windows 7 preferred; MS Office 2003
File Transfer Method: High-speed internet
Compensation: Per report
Date Posted: 2018-02-03 10:14:19
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