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Medical Transcription Professionals, LLC


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Laurie Gilson

Job Information

Title: Transcriptionist
Experience Level: 8 years of experience.
Location of position: Florida
At Home or Company: At Home
Part-time or fulltime:
Part Time
Employee Type:
Independent Contractor
Type of Transcription:
Clinic Transcription
Job Description: Florida experienced orthopaedics transcriptionist needed, located in North Central Florida. Work is online, training and equipment provided on site. Excellent Microsoft Word 2010 experience, as well as high speed internet required. Contract clinic work. Part time to start, with full time work available as your speed increases and accounts become available. Please send resume to Thank you for your interest.
Hardware/Software: Microsoft Word 2010
File Transfer Method: download voice files
Compensation: 7 cents gross line
Date Posted: 2017-10-25 17:10:47
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