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AST Services, LLC


Contact Information

Grace Wagoner
4018 Marquette St., Unit 2087
Davenport, Iowa 52809
Phone: 406.417.1591

Job Information

Title: Transcriptionist
Experience Level: No experience
Location of position: United States: Nationwide position
At Home or Company: At Home
Part-time or fulltime:
Any Time
Employee Type:
Independent Contractor
Type of Transcription:
Varied Types of Transcription
Any Specialty
Job Description: AST Services, LLC IS HIRING TRANSCRIPTIONISTS! U.S. TRANSCRIPTIONISTS/VOICE REC EDITORS ONLY - NO OFFSHORE Current openings include both part-time and full time independent contractor positions. FULL TIME POSITIONS - Various shifts available, at least 8 hours to be worked over the weekend. PART TIME POSITIONS - Various shifts available, at least 20 hours/week to be worked mainly over the weekend. QUALIFICATIONS: * Applicants must possess strong research skills and the ability to understand diverse accents, dialects, and varying dictation styles in order to consistently provide a high-quality finished product to the client. * Minimum knowledge, skills, and abilities required: Graduation from a qualified medical transcription course required OR minimum 2 years medical transcription experience. * Basic knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, disease processes, signs and symptoms, medications, and laboratory values; knowledge of specialty (or specialties) as appropriate. * Knowledge of medical transcription guidelines and practices * Excellent skills in English usage, grammar, punctuation, style, and editing. * Ability to use designated professional reference materials. * Ability to apply client preferences as related in account protocols. * Proficiency with word processing software such as Microsoft Word as well as general computer skills. * Ability to work under pressure with time constraints; ability to work independently with minimal supervision. * Ability to concentrate. * Excellent listening skills. * Excellent eye, hand, and auditory coordination. * Ability to understand and apply relevant legal concepts (e.g., confidentiality). Pay rate 7 cpl for 65-character line with spaces for straight typing, 4 cpl for 65-character line with spaces for voice recognition. Please copy your resume into an email with the subject line RECRUITING and send to for more information and to start the application process. Testing is required. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER DAILY FOR A RESPONSE.
Hardware/Software: Microsoft Word, Windows
File Transfer Method: Online portal
Compensation: Independent Contractor - 7 cpl
Date Posted: 2017-10-11 17:19:28
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